RIGOL Technologies Unveils New Models of DP800 series

RIGOL Technologies Unveils New Models of DP800 series

New models of DP813A &DP822A

to offer low-ripple, high-current, linear power supplies.



October, 2021 – RIGOL Technologies, a leading global provider of test and measurement instruments and solutions unveils its new models of high-performance linear DC power supply products, DP813A and DP822A, to meet the market demand for low-ripple, high-current, linear power supplies.


The New Available Models:


    The DP813A is a single channel dual-range power supply: 8V*20A or 20V*10A, while the DP822A is a dual channel power supply: 5V*16A || 20V*5A. The new models provide a programmable linear power supply with high current, low ripple, and high precision for many industries and applications such as optical communication module testing, chip and integrated circuit testing, semiconductor testing, and industrial ATE testing.





Application Areas

    The DP813A and DP822A are widely used in optical communications module testing, semiconductor testing, chip and integrated circuit testing, and industrial ATE testing, providing engineers with high power linear power supplies with high current and low ripple. Single and dual power supplies can be adapted to a wide range of customer applications.





More Current, More Power


Total Power: 200W

One Output with Dual Range: 8V*20A or 20V*10A


Total Power: 180W

Two Outputs: 5V*16A || 20V*5A


DP813/DP822 Voltage Current Coverage


Lower Ripple, Less Disturbance

    The ripple noise and pure output of the DP813A and DP822A is less than 350μVrms/2mVpp (3mVpp), which satisfies the rigorous criteria for low noise. The transient reaction time is less than 50μs, which fulfills the demand for fast-changing voltage waveforms.


Voltage ripple noise in constant voltage mode


Voltage Ripple Noise at 20V, 10A

Sense Function, Voltage Drop Compensation

    When the power supply outputs a large current, the voltage drop on the load leads will become non-negligible. To ensure that the load obtains an accurate voltage drop, the sense function compensates for the voltage drop caused by the load lead, so as to ensure that the set power output value is consistent with the voltage obtained by the load.                       


Front Panel Sense Wiring



More Features, More Interfaces

    The Timer list capability is standard on the both the DP813A and DP822A linear DC power supplies, allowing them to output preset voltage and current (up to 2048 groups). The Timer's number of output groups, as well as the output voltage, current, and timing duration for each group, can all be customized by the user. The LAN, USB Device, and RS232 hardware interfaces on the DP813A and DP822A linear DC power supplies (USB-GPIB optional) make each device more able to communicate with your chosen hardware system.


Timer List function


DP813A, DP822A Parameters



    The DP813A and DP822A are two cutting-edge instruments designed specifically for customers requiring high-current, low-ripple power supplies. Their outstanding programming and readback precision enable them to deliver more precise power supply and measurement for test equipment. Excellent power and load regulation rates can help ensure the output's stability and safety.




About RIGOL Technologies

    Founded in 1998, RIGOL Technologies is a global leading provider of test and measurement instruments and solutions. With its unrelenting exploration of innovation and technological breakthroughs, RIGOL Technologies became a fast-growth player in the global test and measurement industry. Committed to helping customers achieve business value through innovation, RIGOL Technologies has enabled technology exploration by providing high-quality products and reliable service with stringent standards. Our line of products includes Oscilloscopes, Spectrum Analyzers, Waveform Generators, RF-signal Generators, Multimeters, Data Acquisition Systems, DC Power, DC Load and application software. With nearly 450 employees including more than 170 engineers, working alongside customers in approximately 80 countries, RIGOL Technologies empowers possibilities and more for emerging business opportunities.

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