EMI Test&EMC Pre-Compliance Applications

RIGOL's EMI Measurement Application provides a complete EMI Pre-Compliance Solution with scans, peak tests, limits, and multiple simultaneous CISPR detectors. With the EMI Measurement Mode engineers can compare, analyze, and report on EMI issues throughout their design process.

  • EMC Pre-Compliance Test

    EMC test is a far-field testing, which gives frequency information about which frequency points are overstandard, but there is no location information. Near-field measurement sits very convenientally for interference positioning, and even accurate to the IC pin to specific line, thus determining the cause of interference.

  • Conduction Pre-Compliance Test

    The test is designed for the measurement of conduction interference below 30 MHz. For the power terminal conduction interference, it mainly measures the interference voltage emitted by the device under test (DUT) to the power supply network along the power cord. It can also measure the interference signal that travels through the signal line and transmits to other surrounding equipment.

  • Expanded Capabilities Within RSA Series Spectrum Analyzers

    • Built-in CISPR bandwidths and detectors
    • Automated scans of multiple segments
    • Limit lines and automated peak/limit searches
    • Up to 3 traces with different detectors
    • Log frequencies into the signal table
    • Real-time measurements with 3 detectors at marker or signal
    • Corrections for antennas, LISNs, cables, and preamps

  • Recommended Solution

    • Model: RSA5000/RSA3000/DSA800 Spectrum Analyzers
    • Near-field probe: NFP-3
    • Built-in EMI Pre-compliance Software: RSA5000-EMI/RSA3000-EMI
    • EMI Pre-compliance PC Software: S1210
    • Quasi-peak detector/EMC filter: RSA5000-EMC/RSA300-EMC/EMI-DSA800